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When I took the decision to stop my employment and go for the freelance training and consultancy career, I was energized by the idea that I will use all my skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to make a difference in the lives of people and organizations I will work with, but I was scared that I might not lift up to their expectations, that I might not be able to pay my bills or I might not have enough time to spend with my child. So far, it proved a great experience. It is not an easy one, but it definitely challenges the way you work, the way you manage your time and energy, the way you choose your assignments and the way you view yourself as an individual and as a professional. But it is so great because of all the wonderful people I got to work with. I want to share with you some of their thoughts on our collaboration. I will update this post as I gather more testimonials. Each assignment is a story in itself. Each assignment has brought me at least one more assignment, if not more. I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience and a lot of friends all across the globe. I am thankful for this great experience and look forward for more! Grateful thanks to all who have been part of my journey so far!

Read here what people I have worked with say about our collaboration:


“I had the pleasure to work with Cristina in two important moments of my professional carrier. First (June 2014), when we started an advocacy project to bring a sustainable change in the educational field in Romania. Cristina was an amazing facilitator to one of our round tables, where teachers, parents, NGOs and school principals started to discuss about potential solutions for developing the non-formal education in Romania. The second moment (November 2015) was a training for teachers and students from our national IMPACT network. We wanted to help our participants to transform their informal IMPACT Clubs into local associations, so that their initiative can bring much more impact at grassroots level. It wasn’t an easy task for us so we decided to bring Cristina as expert trainer to teach out participants how to open a local nongovernmental association/NGO and how to deal with the procedures, the organizational management, human resources management, etc., but also to motivate them to finish what they started, despite all challenges of the sector.

After my experience with Cristina Rigman, I can say she is one of the most responsible, passionate and professional trainers that I had the chance to work with so far. The participants loved her because she knew how to create a relaxed environment, proper for learning, but also to transmit all the key information to participants. She knew how to combine all the concepts so that can be easily understood by the teachers and the students too (the difference of age was big, from students aged 16-18 to teachers over 35). The design of the training was complex and she combined very well the thorough theoretical input with practical exercise. She was also very prompt, and her training report was very proficient. I gladly recommend Cristina as trainer and consultant as we were very pleased with the results of her work and our overall collaboration.” [2016]

(Lidia State, IMPACT Clubs Network Coordinator, New Horizons Foundation)


Cristina helped us to develop the ChildPact strategy and I was very impressed by the interactive methods that she used and her capacity to ‘bring us together’ in a process that could have been extremely difficult otherwise. She is a fantastic facilitator and she has an incredible capacity to analyze, summarize and then reflect the content back to you so that you have no other way but see what is the most reasonable thing to do! Her SWOT analysis was simply amazing! I felt like building a strategy based on that would be easy. And indeed, she made it seem easy for us, although we really worked hard as well. But she created such a positive environment, creating space for all people to contribute to the best of their abilities. I warmly recommend her for similar assignments and I actually already did so, as we worked with her again, when developing APSCF’s strategy.” [2015]

(Mariana Ianachevici, President of ChildPact; President of APSCF – Alliance of NGOs Active in Social Protection of Children and Families, Republic of Moldova)


When I first met Cristina, more than 10 years ago, I was immediately impressed by her self – confidence and smart thinking. She was teaching academic writing at the time and I learned a lot from her. Recently Cristina developed a number of deliverable for us, including an assessment of the capacity of national networks of child rights NGOs and a Governance Manual for these networks. Her writing is crystal clear! No need for editing, no need for a second eye, no need to re-read anything. It just flows and you just get the essence, as she has an awesome capacity to discern between what is ‘nice’, ‘important’ and ‘irrelevant’ and give you the gist. She will not only do excellent research for you, but she enjoys it! And on top of it: she will make you love it too, as the insights that you have from her analysis are exactly what you need. I warmly recommend Cristina if you need clear reports, sharp research and a very smart and reliable thought partner.” [2015]

(Mirela Oprea, ChildPact Secretary General & Senior Liaison Manager / Development, Learning and Impact /Middle East & Eastern Europe Regional Office, World Vision International)


“We had the opportunity to work with Cristina on the new strategy of the federation, as a facilitator of the strategic planning process. For a national federation of 39 NGOs, this process can be quite complex and challenging and Cristina proved to be the right person for this job, especially considering her previous experience with network building and organizational development. Cristina’s process design and facilitation skills received very good feedback from all the members involved in this process and our new strategy reflects very well the aspirations and potential of our federation and its members. So, I would definitely recommend Cristina’s support and guidance in strategic planning processes for NGOs and networks.” [2014]

(Adela Rusu, Executive Director FOND – The Romanian Federation for NGOs for Development)


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